A bottle of Les Breteches from Chateau Kefraya wines features alongside a cuddly plush and an extremely delicious selection of chocolates. Delivered in an wicker basket, this hamper treat for Valentine's Day is sure to delight.

Quantities 45cm plush holding a heart (might change change according to availability), 750ml Les Breteches red wine bottle, 3x41.5g Nestle Kit Kat Fingers, 115g Caprice, 100g Cote d'Or Fin Double Noir , 100g Cote d'Or Fin 70% Noir Intense, 240g Cote d'Or Mignonnette Lait, 3x47g Code d'Or Noir Puur, A ceramic mug, A red artificial rose
Product Code: HAM009
Price in reward points: 142